AIM - The ultimate burglar deterrent

The Problem...

74% of residential burglaries in the UK are committed through an external door.

Sometimes thieves resort to far more extreme methods when seeking to gain access without the house alarm being activated. or to gain access.

Burglars often prey on peoples trust and kindness and use distraction as a way of getting into your home to steal property - often taking vehicle keys that enable them to steal cars directly off driveways.

53% of burglaries take place when the victims are at home.

Victims of these types of callous burglary tactics lose more than their possessions - they also lose their confidence and peace of mind.

burglar forcing door 

Put simply, once a homeowner has responded to a knock at the door and opened the entrance, the criminal visitor uses extreme force to gain unlawful entry. Alternatively, burglars will attempt to force their way through locked doors using methods such as lock bumping and snapping. 

The solution...

The AIM™ forensic security system has been specially designed to deter forced entry.

It features a high security door chain, a high decibel alarm and most importantly a unique DNA intruder marking system.

This means that if an AIM™ secured door has been attacked a high decibel alarm is immediately activated to warn off the intruder. But that's not all - the would-be intruder will also be marked with a forensically traceable DNA spray.

This DNA coded spray is linked to your property and so links any intruder to the scene of the crime.

The spray contains microdots of DNA that penetrate skin and clothing and dry quickly making it virtually impossible to remove.

This DNA can be detected under ultra violet lighting and Police can use forensic technology to effectively link the DNA marked criminal to the property registered on the International Security Register. 


This irrefutable evidence can be used by police to aid in the conviction of the criminal.

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